How can I work with download formats?

Here we show how you can work with download formats (and publishing formats) in different ways.

Table of Contents:

What is a download format?

How do I edit a download format?

How do I create a new download format?

How do I use a download format?

How can I control where a download format appears?

What is a download format?

Mediaflow 2022-01-04 15-27-59

Mediaflow 2022-01-04 15-29-18Download format is a way to be able to set a format in advance so that your users can download an image with preset dimensions and size so that it fits perfectly for your work. You can create a completely new download format or change existing download formats by clicking on the gear wheel - Download format.

These formats can also be controlled so that certain formats are only visible inside Mediaflow, only outside the portal or only from a CMS such as SiteVision, Episerver or similar.




You can then access these by right-clicking on a file and selecting "Download". Then you will get a list of which download formats are included with you. In the example below, we see a variety of formats. This can be controlled so that you see as many or as few formats as you wish.

How do I edit a download format?

To edit a download format that already exists, click on it via the Gear Wheel - Download format and then click on the format in the list to get to the settings page for the current download format.

We look at an example where we click on a format called "Facebook cover".

We now come to the page for this format that looks like this.

Note that in this settings window you can scroll down for more settings.

Here you can change several settings for this download format and when you are satisfied with the format settings, click Save.

How do I create a new download format?

Under Gear Wheel - download format you can at the top right click on the blue button New format to start creating your very own download format.

When you have clicked on a new format, you will see the next box, where you will get an "empty" download format that you can set exactly as you want it and name it a suitable name. The same settings apply here as seen in the article How do I edit a download format? (swedish)


When you are done click Save at the right bottom.

The download format is now ready to use and you will find it in the list of formats when you right-click on a file in Mediaflow.


How do I use a download format?

To use a format, right-click on a file and then select download and go down to the format you want to use for your image. Click on it and you will now either download the file directly in this format or if the download format has the "always crop the image manually" option checked, you will get to the next window where you can now crop the image. This is how it looks.

Mediaflow 2022-01-04 16-16-45

Here you can now work as follows:

  1. Here is the format list so that you can change the format afterwards if you accidentally clicked wrong.
  2. Adjust the trimming mask with the handles until you are satisfied with your selection.
  3. Click here to preview what the image will look like.
  4. Finally click "download file" to download your cropped image in the correct resolution.

A very small crop can, depending on the format setting, result in a blurred image!

If you make a crop that is very small, it means that the image will be enlarged and therefore will be blurred. The system warning for this looks like this.

Mediaflow 2022-01-04 16-19-04

Note that you can also click on the link here to see exactly how blurred the image will be.

How can I control where a download format appears?

When you edit a download format there is a group a bit down in the settings window called Visibility. Here you can use the permission check boxes to control who should be able to see this format.


  • Which groups (with users in them) should be able to see this?
  • Should the format be visible to your portal (external media bank)?
  • Should the format be visible to a CMS such as SiteVision or Episerver?

A format must have "download and publish" selected to be visible to an integration because that is about "publishing" and not just downloading an image. See picture below.

Mediaflow 2022-01-04 16-25-26

Good to know; "All users" is a default group that everyone is part of from the beginning. Users can not be removed from this group.

Download formats for download and publishing are very flexible. It is possible to set a number of parameters for a format so that it will be as good for your business as possible. These formats can then be turned on to the respective department under the format's settings so that, for example, web editors and communicators only see the formats that are relevant to their business.