Mediaflow och CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Here we look at how Mediaflow handles image and video

We use Akamai, which is one of the world's largest providers of CDN services and is used in Sweden by SVTPlay and TV4 Play, among others. Their network can handle a large number of visitors and they distribute the content to over 200 different sites to always be able to deliver images and movies with good performance.

When videos are uploaded to Mediaflow, they are automatically re-encoded and adapted to the formats required for streaming on both computers and mobile devices. The original format that is uploaded does not need to be adapted by the customer first. Mediaflow supports the most common movie file formats. Once the files are recorded, they are sent directly to the CDN system and become available. Our web player follows standards with HTML5 playback (with a flash-based option for older browsers) and thus works on most platforms. Appearance can be adapted to the rest of the page and works well with responsive web design.

If the customer has an existing CDN provider, Mediaflow can in most cases, be adapted to use it.