How does Folder Keywords work?

Folder Keywords are a powerful way to work with keywords on a folder level

Table of Contents :

Folder Keywords at folder level

Keywords on User-level


Folder Keywords at a folder level

It is possible to enter automatic keywords in a folder, which means that these keywords automatically end up on all images in the folder (and subfolders if necessary) but also on all images that are then copied or moved to this folder. You can access the function by right-clicking on a folder and selecting the edit folder.

Mediaflow 2022-01-05 08-36-55

Note that this function becomes particularly strong if you check the option to include these
keywords also in subfolders. The keywords from the example "Support - test folder" above follow, so join the folders below. For example, you can now add more specific auto-indexing keywords to the folders below. If we then copy a new image to a subfolder, this image now has the following keywords on it

So all of these keywords have ended up in this image without you having entered any keywords
manually, they have been added to the folder first.

A planned folder structure with Folder keywords becomes self-indexing over time!

Good to know about Folder Keywords.

  1. Keywords are not duplicated. If, for example, the keyword "human" already exists on some images in the folder, they are not overwritten just because you also enter them as Folder keywords.
  2. Even if you delete a Folder keyword from a folder, it will remain on the images.

Did you know that you can select multiple images at once and then double-click on common keywords under the Indexing tab in the right info panel to remove these keywords from all the images at once. Read more about this in this article (swedish).


User-level keywords

It is also possible to set slightly different keywords on a user level. If you click on Gear - User, you will see the image below.

In this example

I choose to set these settings for the user "Arthur Chester".

All images that "Arthur" upload will now automatically be tagged with the keywords etc.

Both the "photographer" field and the "keyword" field will be searchable as other meta data.