How do I work with Mediaflow's API?

The article explains how I as a customer or partner can make API calls to retrieve or send data to Mediaflow.



Contact support to access the customer-specific keys needed for the connection.

Note that the current agreement affects whether work with the API is allowed or not.


client_id:     e2b902ds1

client_secret: g75AhbS8sgDtysjSeysi74shxXiokSH

refresh_token: KNXRDVbtNvpA2uqQwqIaop9OPxRBXQ8

Calls to access the API:t

Make a call to the endpoint using the keys above.

URL pattern:



Answer the above

In response, you get an access_token that is then used in the API calls to our documented endpoints.







This is JSON data. access_token here has the value:


Data call to API


The value of the variable “access_token” can then be used in, for example, the following GET calls.


Replace the value of {access_token} with the one you received in response. You will then receive a json answer that looks like the following. The example answer below contains all the information about the last 4 uploaded images.


















} … 


Upload a file


POST /1/file
     "filename": "Image01.jpg",
     "filesize": 1564256,
     "toFolder": FOLDERID

Now you get an uploadURL in response from the API. Then upload the file via xhr upload there. UploadURL works for 10 min.

  "expiresIn": 600,
  "uploadURL": ""

If the user who is connected to the api key does not have the right to upload to the specified folder, you get to:

     "status": 403,
    "error": "You don´t have permission to upload to this folder"