How does storage and security work in Mediaflow?

Here we go through how storage and security work in Mediaflow

Technology and data security

All systems and data in Mediaflow are managed in virtual environments by our server providers. Files and file information are stored and handled only locally within Sweden (currently in Stockholm, Karlskrona, Uppsala and Gothenburg). Backup of data and files also takes place within Sweden. Both web servers and storage servers are virtual with redundancy to ensure availability and avoid data loss in the event of an accident.

We have daily backup of all stored files and backup twice a day of all data. The backup takes place to premises that are not connected to or directly accessible from our production servers. The backup is also stored with redundant storage.

The original files are never directly accessible over the Internet, but are downloaded in a controlled manner from the storage location during downloading to ensure that account affiliation and permissions are correct.

All traffic passes over encrypted HTTPS / TLS (TCP port 443). This also includes all our plugins and integrations such as mobile apps, Office (Word and PowerPoint), InDesign, CMS (SiteVision, WordPress, Episerver etc) and access to our API.

The only exception is if you choose to use FTP for uploading and downloading files as this is not done encrypted. Access to FTP can be access controlled, and is not required to be able to use Mediaflow fully.

According to our standard agreement with customers, we have a promised availability of 99.7% on a full-year basis. We have a service window every Thursday between 22.00 - 00.00 for updates and other maintenance. Any downtime or disruption to services during the service window is not included in the promised availability.

As of April 2021, we have in-house co-location operations at Interxion in MSB-III classified server halls in Stockholm with an SLA of 99.99%. It also gives us redundant internet and electricity supply, the opportunity for distributed CDN and a Compliant operating environment. Interxion is certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 22301. Mediaflow has begun the process of becoming certified according to ISO 27001.

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